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Does Peoria Need a Food Truck?

The food truck debate is hot in Chicago … and the number of entrepreneurs and even restaurants who are now operating food trucks is expanding exponentially.  I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated with these mobile food vehicles.  I think it has something to do with the spontaneity that surrounds them.  You are never sure where they are (unless you spend every hour on Twitter) and I believe that’s what makes it fun.  Your meal is a mystery up until you walk out the door and see who’s parked at the corner!  It could be dumplings, or barbecue, cupcakes or macarons.

It’s certainly cheaper than starting a bricks and mortar restaurant, but I’m sure it’s not as easy as it seems.  The debatable issue is whether trucks should be allowed to prepare food on-board as opposed to preparing in a certified kitchen and then simply selling out of the truck.  Proponents have been lobbying in Chicago for food prep on the truck but no decision has been handed down as of yet.

So the original question, does Peoria need a food truck?  How about it – there would be some competition from the carts downtown during the summer, but there’s room for more vendors even there.  The truck could continue into the colder months too.  What about on campus at Bradley offering students late night chocolate chip cookies or empanadas?  How about the weekday lunch crowds at CAT or OSF? I think there’s a market, but is City Hall supportive?  I’ll have to make some calls.

Several years ago there was a pink Airstream spotted at a Peoria Riverfront event selling gi-normous cupcakes.  I heard they were tasty, but have had no word of any other sitings.  I wonder where the food “trailer” is now?

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It’s all very white knight or green lantern or Loch Ness, isn’t it … “and then the shiny white truck with “Eat Here” emblazoned on its side disappears quietly into the night followed by a cloud of exhaust fumes and a faint whiff of cinnamon or soy sauce” . . . until it’s spotted again assisting some hapless foodie searching for good eats on the next street corner.


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