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Wow – and I thought my life was tough!  I had no idea when I started reading this memoir how lucky I would end up feeling about my occasional, short, visits from small, furry friends; my once a month (maybe) get aways from everyone and everything; and, my crazy, dawn to dusk work schedule in front of my computer.

Kristin Kimball moves from New York City to a broken down, abandoned farm with a man she hardly knows (who seems a little on the manic side) to start an organic farm run solely on horse-drawn power.

The book gives an entertaining, and truly honest account of small-scale farming and is a testament to the hard-work and discipline needed to make dreams into reality.   The rats (need I say more), the incredible back-breaking work, cow birthing, dirt, grime, you name it, it’s in there and they dealt with it.  I’m ashamed to say that I couldn’t do it.  She pulls the wool away from the reader’s eyes and gives an account that is not romantic, cute, or remotely fun (but the story does have elements of all three of those things whch makes it highly read-able).  I appreciated the non-sugar-coated reality she shares about operating a farm.

Definitely worth a read for a new appreciation of how difficult it is to earn a living growing food (for humans) in this country.

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