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I spent one day last week taking photos in the Loop for a client.  We have a decent digital camera with a new zoom lens (I have never used one before) so anybody can get a usable photo or two (even me)!  I can completely understand  the lure of taking photos in public.  You feel invisible behind the lens, and a little powerful at the same time.  I perfected the “shoot a photo of people on the street and look away” move as if I was fooling anyone!  Of course, I had to stop for a break at Do-Rite on Randolph.  A perfect cake-y, crumbly, slightly warm donut with a thick glaze of Valrhona chocolate on top.  It was a mouthful of sweetness and a reminder that everyone loves a donut even busy “city folks”.

For some of our own best donuts in central Illinois, visit Carl’s Bakery in East Peoria.  Their glazed donut is substantial but still not too heavy and not too, too sweet.  They keep remarkably well.  Reminds me of an old-fashioned, farm-house donut…maybe it’s the 15-foot rooster out in front!


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Blood, Bones and Butter coverGabrielle Hamilton, chef/owner of Prune restaurant in New York City shares her off-beat, sometimes, shocking, childhood and coming of age, leading to her lifelong fascination with food.  A self-taught chef, she is tough, outspoken, but at the same time sensitive, caring and  brutally honest.  The book documents her personal journey to fit in … to find her place – her purpose – in the world.  It’s a universal theme we all struggle with and she shares her mis-steps and self-revelations with us … often times the same ones many of us encounter.  Another “tell it like it is” memoir with no “isn’t it fun to own a restaurant” poetry.  A startling, and great, read.

Listen to an interview with Gabrielle Hamilton on The Splendid Table
**I love being able to see and hear the real person behind the memoir…it adds so much to the story.

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