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Global Food Revolution Day, sponsored by the Jaime Oliver Foundation, is May 19, combating obesity in children and adults across the world.  There is an epidemic in our country alone with obesity rates among children tripling since 1980.  Jaime Oliver believes most of us no longer know how to cook, especially children, and that schools could be a key component in the lost art of food education.  Cooking from scratch is where it’s at!  Remember your old Home Ec teacher – she was right – about everything!  Read Jaime’s full article or learn more about Food Revolution Day.  Seems the nearest FD events are in Chicago – no surprise.  Next year in Central Illinois, anyone?


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Isn’t he the cutest?  We visited the Charleston Farmer’s Market and he was serving lemon-ginger soda mixed there in the tent.  It was bubbly and refreshing – and he just made me smile.  Boy was it hot and humid and it was only May.  We stayed right in the heart of the historic district – South of Broad – in a Victorian house built in 1820.  Our rooms were actually the slave quarters with a narrow little porch complete with rocking chairs.  A relaxing and lovely long weekend.

My list of favorites from the trip:

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May 8, 2012 – Peoria Journal Star – Council members voted 9-1 to defer their decision on an ordinance regulating food trucks in Peoria.
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Food trucks, food carts, brick and mortar restaurants – they are all options depending on your resources, schedule, interest, etc.  I see no reason why we can’t provide options.  If existing restaurants want to branch out and join the carts downtown or operate a mobile truck that can travel across the city, they can choose to do that.  The lunch crowd wants and will always choose different options – one day eat outside (until it gets too hot), one day eat your desk (because you have a looming deadline), one day take a client to lunch at a restaurant.  The idea behind food trucks is to go where the customers are – the company parking lot, the school campus – not park out in front of an existing restaurant.  Licensing fees will ensure the city gets something in return and regulations on parking and distances from other food establishments will discourage poaching (although that’s not the concept being peddled here).  Competition, free market, choices, entrepreneurship – how is this not a good idea?

Read more about the food truck craze sweeping the country in “Does Peoria Need a Food Truck”

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