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018There’s a Paleta-man in every neighborhood in Chicago.  He pushes his little cart on wheels and rings his bell and positions himself at parks and playgrounds to entice kids and adults alike.  I’ve never seen a Paleta-woman.  What’s a Paleta-man?  He’s the ice cream man, but selling Mexican popsicles.  They come in every flavor – strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, chocolate, and the list goes on.

We have a new ice cream store Las Delicias Helados y Paletas, yes, right here in Peoria, serving Mexican ice cream, paletas, smoothies, and other Mexican snack foods.

Both the ice cream and paletas are made with either milk or water resulting in rich, smooth and creamy or fresh, bright, and fruity.  The pecan ice cream is intensely nutty and packed with flavor.  Butter Pecan this is not.  You can taste as many flavors as they’ve made that day – don’t be shy.  I ask for a small scoop because it’s rich, rich, rich.  The watermelon paleta is bright, not too sweet, fresh, frozen, fruit on-a-stick.  And the strawberry smoothie has a secret ingredient – maybe crema – that adds a little to the taste.  There are piles of fresh fruit every time I have gone in and don’t worry, everything is listed in English and Spanish.  I think I can hear the ding, ding, ding.  Can you?

Las Delicias Helados y Paletas
837 W. Main St.
6am – 10pm
*on-street parking right out front


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Anyone interested in the Peoria Harvest Food Co-op – here’s an update I just received via email that indicates they will be moving forward pending funding.

“The Co-op was selected as a Senior Consulting Project for senior business students at Bradley University in January.  Throughout the spring semester, our team conducted a feasibility study and market research for us.  The study found strong community support for a co-op, with the majority of people already being familiar with the co-op concept.

We are therefore moving ahead with fundraising this summer.  The date the store will open depends on how fast the funds are raised.

We are looking for new members.  However, the bulk of the fundraising will come from members who make loans to the Co-op, which it will pay back with interest over time. 

We need a few new Board members (if you have experience being a member of a co-op in the past, or have business or financial experience), and we need volunteers in general to help with the fundraisers.”

Like their Facebook page for regular updates at

Learn more at Peoria Harvest Co-op

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027This is what I’ve been eating … it’s lovely.  I don’t know why I’m the only person who doesn’t know you can eat chive blossoms.  When I saw it listed in my CSA delivery I was so excited … what is that?  Well, duh, it’s growing in my own backyard.  But as I often find, mine is not as good as somebody else’s.

So I mixed some in my fresh goat cheese from Prairie Fruits Farm (my cheese CSA).  And then I made potato salad for dinner and mixed them in there and the crowning glory was a crusty, country loaf sliced, toasted, slathered with the goat cheese mix and drizzled with clover honey for breakfast.  Tomorrow is fresh scrambled eggs …

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