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I love that name – Momofuko.  It actually means lucky peach, but it feels more like a swear word to me!  It’s the Momofuko Milk Bar, the bakery end of the Momofuko empire in NYC created by chef David Chang.  He also did that PBS series “The Mind of a Chef” which is where I first saw the corn cookies made.  Then I ran into a recipe online for corn cookies which reminded me of the show and so I decided to try them.  Well – after a quick Google search you find out the secret ingredient for the MF corn cookies is some dehydrated corn powder that you can conveniently purchase from the MF online store.  Okay.  I live in the heart of corn country and I should be able to find my own corn powder without ordering it from NYC.  Away I go to the Farm & Fleet website to search for corn powder.  I find candy corn, okeedokee popcorn, corn towels, corn cobbers, corn cob holders in the shape of farm animals, and dried corn for deer.  My theory seems to be wrong – no corn powder – not even for animals which is what I suspected my dilemma would be.  Is it safe for humans to eat?  Nothing.  Momofuko.  I’ll try Tractor Supply.

Corn Cookies minus the corn powder … they’re tasty too!


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